If you put the body in motion, the psyche heals itself.

Gabrielle Roth

Moving through Grief…

Losing someone or something we cherish or letting go of a dream is a universal experience for all of us.

How do we move forward, with grace and self-compassion during these difficult transitions?

So often, we are asked to minimize our feelings, “to get over it,” and to “carry on.”

During this workshop we explore all of our truths, finding our unique gestures, articulations and shapes of expression through the 5Rhythms® Movement Practice. In the support of the community, and the wisdom of the dance floor, we bring forth what is ready to be released, clearing space for expanding into healing.

A 5Rhythms® workshop on grief and healing in NYC, May 13-15, 2022

Led by Karen Ritscher and Peter Selwyn.

Prerequisites: A minimum of three 5Rhythms classes or one 5Rhythms workshop. In person or online.

Banner photo by Blair Hayes blairhayesphotography.com

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